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The South African Indian Dance Alliance is an organisation of dance practitioners and dance schools collaborating to elevate the quality and status of Indian classical and folk dance in South Africa.

The orgnisation was founded by Smeetha Maharaj in April 2016.

It aims to promote the skills of practitioners in the sphere of Indian dance, theatrical and musical activities and seeks to co-operate or affiliate with any other cultural, theatrical, dance or musical organizations with similar objectives.

The alliance is supported by luminaries in the dance field who form the core Advisory Panel.

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Membership enables you to be a part of SAIDA, which means that you will be added to our Whatsapp and emailing groups to be notified about SAIDA events and events of members in SAIDA. It may also entail discounts or free/priority entry for our events. As a member, you will be eligible to participate in our events, meetings and elections. You will also be provided with the benefits of the SAIDA network and support platform.

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