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The first of our annual dance festivals.


16 - 18 September 2016 - Playhouse Theatre - Durban

‘NRITYA AANGAN’  is a dance festival, hosted by the South African Indian Dance Alliance.

It aims to bring Indian dance to the forefront of the performing arts in SA, creating an awareness and appreciation for the Indian Classical & Contempory Arts.

The festival is set to be a vibrant display of Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Traditional Folk Dances of India and Contempory & Collaborative work.

The performance is accompanied by a rich and stimulating series of talks on the Saturday and Sunday mornings. These presentations are by:

  • Anniruddha Knight who is a 9th-generation descendant of a 200-year-old family of temple dancers and musicians from southern India. His grandmother Balasaraswati was a celebrated and prolific dancer in India.
    Annirudha Knight and his accompanying musicians present dance, music and a discussion of the temple dance tradition.
  • Heather Parker Lewis: presenting Angahara Sthirahasta. The talk pulls together the stone images of dance from the temples and Bharatha's verses in the Natya Shastra so that dancers today can have a clearer picture of Bharatha's guidelines for a theatrical production.
  • Vasugi Singh will share with us a an extract from her in-depth research for her Master’s Degree on the development of Indian Dance in the Context of South Africa.

Arts and Culture in South Africa has become the true identity of our nation. During this Heritage Month we celebrate our rich cultural heritage with ‘NRITYA AANGAN’ A Festival of Indian Dance.

It is hosted by the newly formed South African Indian Dance Alliance - SAIDA, being the brainchild of well-known Durban artist, Smeetha Maharaj who has great passion and optimism to bring Indian dance to the forefront of the performing arts in SA. We wish to create an awareness and appreciation for the Indian Classical & Contemporary Arts.

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