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The South African Indian Dance Alliance aims  to bring Indian dance to the forefront of the performing arts in SA and seeks to create an awareness and appreciation for the Indian Classical & Contempory Arts.

The vision of SAIDA is to:

  • create a global awareness on the status of Indian dance in SA
  • promote the skills of practitioners in the sphere of Indian dance, theatrical and musical activities.
  • be the voice for Indian dance on issues pertaining to funding, standardisation, and recognition of Indian Heritage,
  • be a platform creating unity and togetherness for Indian dance in SA
  • document a profound journey of Indian dance in SA for future generations.

The Company undertakes to:

  • co-operate or affiliate with any other cultural, theatrical, dance or musical organizations with similar objectives as the Company.
  • facilitate, share and contextualize the performance of dance, music and theatre within the South African experience.
  • create a suitable platform to support dance production
  • fund and implement such Projects as may be identified, evaluated by or on behalf of the Board, and approved by the Board, from time to time.

Become a Member

Membership enables you to be a part of SAIDA, which means that you will be added to our Whatsapp and emailing groups to be notified about SAIDA events and events of members in SAIDA. It may also entail discounts or free/priority entry for our events. As a member, you will be eligible to participate in our events, meetings and elections. You will also be provided with the benefits of the SAIDA network and support platform.

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