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This exposé will look at the evolution of dance from indentured period to date in Mauritius. Folk dance was the major dance form of Tamils during the indentured period.  The presentation will look at how our forefathers preserved their culture through dance. Since the majority of the Tamils were from village background, folk dance namely Terukuttu, Koolatam, kummi attam, were predominant up to the early 20th century. Bharatanatyam as a form of dance gained ground only in the 1970s.  In the 1980s, there was an increasing number of girls of the Tamil community who started to learn Bharatanatyam as the latter was an expression of the cultural identity of the Tamils in Mauritius. During the presentation, I will also provide an insight into my personal experience in the world of dance, the status of dance in Mauritius as well as the challenges faced by dancers in the country

Manimegalai Maunikum

I am Manimegalei Maunikum from Mauritius. I have learnt Bharatanatyam for about 10 years, 7 years at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and have also performed on various occasions at national level. I am actively involved in kovils, singing Thevaram, Thiruvasagam and Thiruppugazh.
I am very much interested in anything that has to do with Tamil tradition, culture and language although professionally I am from a scientific background. I am, at present, the secretary of All Mauritius Tamil Examination Syndicate, an examination body that conducts Tamil examinations throughout the island right from Grade one to Grade eleven and responsible for promotion of language and culture. I am also a member of Tamil League of Mauritius.

MA Education– United Kingdom
Post Graduate Certificate in Education - United Kingdom
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management - South Africa
MSc Environmental Science with specialisation in Environmental Management –Mauritius
BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Environmental Science - Mauritius
1. Research and Development Officer – Mauritius Examinations Syndicate
Main responsibility: Conduct research on validity and reliability of examinations

2. Deputy Head of Faculty of Science – Northfields International High School
Main responsibility: In charge of administrative and pedagogical matters of Department of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Environmental Studies

3. Head of Faculty of Maths and IT– Northfields International High School
Main responsibilities: Leading and Managing the Department of Maths and IT

4. Environment Officer – Ministry of Environment and National Development Unit
Main responsibilities : Drafting instruction for regulation and coordinating project implementation
5. Education Officer Main responsibilities : Teaching Chemistry at secondary level


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